About the Artist

To me, life is a magical place filled with beauty. Even on a mundane or sad day, I look out for something magical, be it a flower, a butterfly or someone’s smile. It is my life's purpose to create beautiful things and I hope that I might contribute in a small way to someone’s happiness when they see it.

I can paint any photorealistic image or design a completely unique artwork to your taste using a wide range of art mediums, including acrylic and watercolour paint, pastel, pencils and charcoal.

My field of expertise is fine art, airbrushing and painting on canvas, furniture, helmets, sparewheel covers and many more...

Some of the artist's work


On the Easel

IMG-20180626-WA0028 copy
Watercolour - Amsterdam Canals in Autumn
“Zolang dit bestaat, en ik het mag beleven, deze zonneschijn, die hemel waar geen wolk aan is, zo lang kan ik niet treurig zijn.”

Anne Frank

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If you want to find out more about any of the paintings or custom artwork please fill in the form and send it through to get your reply.


  • The artists creative soul bleeds through in all her work. Love!
  • Chante de Lange
    I have not seen such soulful unique work in a long time. There is beauty in every piece.
    Chante de Lange

Marilyn Monroe – Portrait

Landscape – Portrait

Arty Rex – Custom Work